BikeGlow Is Rugged

If you ride your bike after dark or before dawn, you probably already have a headlight and tail light mounted on your bike. And while they make you visible from the front and the back, drivers still can’t see you from the side. In fact, according to bike safety statistics, a majority of night-time bicycle-car accidents happen because the driver couldn’t see a bicycle from the side.

That’s where the BikeGlow Safety Light comes in, the best bike light for increasing visibility at night. Because BikeGlow wraps around the bike frame and glows intensely, it is visible from every direction, from up to 500 feet away. It is essential gear for bike commuters who cycle in the rain and after dark, for triathletes who start training before dawn, and for families who ride bicycles together after sunset.

Waterproof and always ready, BikeGlow is the perfect bike light for bike commuters who believe there’s no such thing as bad conditions, only the wrong gear. With BikeGlow, neither rain, fog, nor dark of night will keep you from biking to your destination.

Durable and lightweight, BikeGlow is ideal for mountain bikers, road bike racers and 24-hour bicycle ride participants. On the road, BikeGlow’s bright colors stand out much more than standard headlights and tail lights. On the trail, it will take even the strongest bump without switching off the light, including dirt jump landings and cyclocross obstacles.

Inexpensive and easy to install, BikeGlow is the best light for families. Once the battery pack is mounted with a little help from Mom or Dad, kids can decorate their bike in any pattern they like. The added visibility makes moms happy, and the coolness factor makes kids want to get their glow on. Fair warning: it might be hard to keep your kids OFF their bikes once they’ve installed BikeGlow. Since you can’t beat them, join them!